Apply for our scholarship below. 

Requirements for Applicants:

  1. The Student must be a Graduate of Alton High School, Marquette Catholic High School, or Mississippi Valley High School.
  2. The Student must have demonstrated good Citizenship through extra-curriculum activities in or away from their school which enhances their Community or School. 
  3. The Student has been accepted or is currently attending a University, College, or Vocational School. 
  4. The Student must have a grade point average of 2.5 (out of 4.0 system) or better.
  5. The Student must complete and submit the application (transcripts not required) by xx/xx/xxxx.
  6. The Student must fill out the information below. 

If you have any questions please call Steve Schwartz at 618-465-8376(H) or 618-972-8329(C).

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